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Holy Moley Mole Repellant

Reviews: Brian D. on May 30, 2013 Verified Purchase I applied this about a month ago. My yard had a serious mole infestation. There was a mound every few feet, probably 20 mounds on a yard that isn't very big. The moles have left; no new mounds. I can't say how long...


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Insect Dust – Food Grade DE
Milky Spore Granular – Japanese Beetle Grub Control
Milky Spore Powder – Japanese Beetle Grub Control
Holy Moley – Mole and Gopher Repellent

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“The products really work and are some of the few lines that are safe for use around pets and children”
Mary Anne W.

North Charleston, SC

“Their Diatomaceous Earth and Milky Spore products are the best I’ve used.”
John M.

Richmond, VA

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