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Simply, we love our pets as they have become an integral part of our family providing comfort and companionship. Just as we focus on good nutrition to fuel our bodies to live healthier more productive lives we want and demand the same for our pets. Let’s face it, a healthier pet is a happier one! This philosophy goes into every product we make.

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10 Essential Commands to Teach Your Dog blog post 10 Essential Commands to Teach Your Dog Approximately 60.2 million US households owned a dog at home, according to the latest statistics of 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey. This accounted for 89.7 million dogs in the US that...

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News Release

Press Release: History St Gabriel Organics is the leader in the organic lawn and garden industry for over 40 years. St. Gabriel Organics brand products garner a reputation for performance and safety. New UrthPet Brand: Recently we have brought our knowledge of...

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New Trend for a Healthy and Happy Pet

All things natural have made impact on the dog and cat treat category over the years.Limited- ingredient treats are trending stronger with consumers. Whole foods such as real chicken and tuna, along with fruit, veggies , garden greens and kelp.Pet parents are...

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“Miracle Product! The UTI worked so well my vet actually asked where I bought it so he could start recommending it to the rest of his patients.”
Stephanie M. customer

“The UrthPet products are safe and effective. We love that they can be used for both dogs and cats too!”
Jeremy P.

Alpharetta, GA

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